ISO 9001

Quality through ISO 9001:2015

The constant review of our business model combined with the migration from refurbishing to manufacturing of transformers has presented us with pivotal frameworks of quality checks and balances in our manufacturing process.

Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd regards continual improvement as a permanent objective. We actively encourage incremental improvements to become part of our daily routine and sets objectives to achieve this. Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd emphasises personalised, punctual, responsible & efficient service in order to gain total customer confidence and satisfaction.

In February 2011, Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd was accredited with the ISO 9001 mark of approval. Our policies, procedures and work instructions are all geared towards delivering quality transformers and underpinned by the following commitments:
BTT will provide on the job training to staff members
BTT’s operations will be regularly audited
BTT Management will regularly review QMS
BTT will take appropriate corrective action to rectify non-conformances and action taken to prevent their recurrence.
BTT actively seek and respond to customer feedback