Welcome to Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd

The world’s landscape is changing rapidly and both the economy as well as our social fabric have made a distinct call for change that cannot be ignored. Baynes Transformer Technology is at the forefront of these challenging times by manufacturing distribution and power transformers that are championed with the guarantee of the highest quality, and therefore offering a sustainable solution to our growing energy demands, whilst contributing to employment creation, skills development and profit generation.

At Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd we understand the importance of supplying our clients with product of guaranteed quality. Therefore we pride ourselves by our poised approach, and our long term association to the ISO 9001 standard, for quality management systems.

A Comparative Edge

Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd initially focused on transformer refurbishment, as an Eskom approved supplier. The company’s scope and focus naturally conversed from refurbishment into manufacturing of new transformers (Original Equipment Manufacturer – OEM) whilst carrying the priceless experience of refurbishment and repair into its next growth chapter.

Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd manufacturing experience is coupled with intellectual property rights associated with South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS)

Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd transformers are locally manufactured in Johannesburg since 2004.

Baynes Transformer Technology (Pty) Ltd offers distribution transformers in popular sizes from 100 KvA up to 500 KvA and power transformers up to 10MvA. Furthermore, we are geared towards manufacturing according to individual client needs and requirements.